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Breast & cervical cancer screening

Systematic screening for breast and cervical cancer

Welcome to our clinic in Reykjavik. In the form below, you can make an appointment for breast and/or cervical cancer screenings. The appointment will be confirmed by email.

Symptom-free women aged 23-65 are offered a screening for cervical cancer every three years and symptom-free women aged 40-69 are offered breast cancer screening every two years. Midwives collect the samples needed for cervical cancer tests (also known as PAP smear) and radiology technicians do the breast exams. The whole process takes about 10 - 15 minutes.

You can also make an appointment by calling 540 1919 from 8:00-15:30 weekdays, except Fridays when appointments can be made until 14:00.

Requests or cancellations can be sent to leit@krabb.is .


  • Cervical cancer screening 4.700 IKR (2.400 for the elderly and disabled)
  • Breast cancer screening 4.700 IKR (2.400 for the elderly and disabled)
  • Breast and cervical screening 7.000 IKR (3.500 for the elderly and disabled)

Many trade unions and some companies participate in the cost of screening for cervical and breast cancer. Consult with them before you come in for your appointment.


Follow up appointments, if needed after the cervical cancer screening, are made through the phone on 540 1960 weekdays from 8:30-12:00 and 12:30-15:00.

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